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There was a poor family living in the city Hyderabad who was blessed with a little gem named Aarti. Aarthi right from her early days of life was a pampered child as she was the only offspring of the couple who had an accident in which the father lost his ability to become a father when the girl was two. This accident did not affect the love off her parents for her and their bond became even stronger. Her parents used to work very hard in their respective roles to provide their only kid with best of everything, for which her mother used to sew clothes and her father worked as a peon at a lawyer’s office. She have determine to friendship with college friends and share personal whatsapp girls numbers for college boys.

Indian College Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers

Aarti’s father had a dream of seeing his daughter become a doctor and treat poor people without charging them any fee. As time passed by the little girl became a wise and beautiful young lady who knew the worth of her parent’s efforts and wanted to reciprocate them. To do this she studied hard and stood first in all her classes till the day came when she got admission in a well-known medical college. The young lady always wore eastern clothes and was a stunning beauty that most of the people admired. She was such a decent and sober lady that no class fellow of her could dare tease her or talk to her in inappropriate manner.

She never hid anything about her family background and by doing this she became an inspiration and a sourse of motivation for all those medical students who were thinking of quitting medical education finding it too hard. In the first year of her medical college her outstanding result earned her a scholarship that she maintained throughout her medical education till the day came when she was holding a doctor’s degree in her hands with both her parents standing at her sides with tear in their eyes and a big smile on their face. The government sent her for a two years specialization course in cardiology and the time flew and she was back in India working as the head of the cardiology department in a government run hospital.

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She opened a little clinic where she practices the dream of her father and treats patients free of charge. Her personal mobile number of whatsapp and Imo are very open to everyone.

Name: Akriti

City: Delhi

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