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Ganga was a star child in the Hindi picture; she still remembers when her uncle used to take her to the studio with her. She could play here with the other child stars. The actors used to adore this cute girl a lot. She used to see many actors with various masks on. She was a pretty girl. Now, she has become a big girl and she was a well groomed girl. She has matured with the passage of time. She knew that there are no friends here. All is artificial here. Nothing is realistic, the people and their feelings, she has focused on her work only. India have many famous universities in our country, so mostly universities girls are very beautiful and demand her boyfriend to date with famous areas. Here also university girls share the personal and real girls whatsapp numbers for boys.

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She knew that to be a star she has to go through a lot of trouble and struggle. She had only one friend here with the name, Sue. Sue was the dancer here who had come all the way from Russia to India to be part of a dancing group. Ganga was offered a lot of movies out of which she only chose seven. Most of the movies that she chose to do were based on various problems of life. The first she did was about the story of a widow who faced a lot of problems before she finally got married to another man in her life. The second she did was a massive hit; it was about a girl who ended up in streets in rags after a successful acting career. After complete her university career, she spend her time with friends on whatsapp and online girls whatsapp groups for chat.

All the movies that she was selecting have a little scope in the Hindi cinema and they do no appeal to a very large audience. But she had made up her mind; she was here to serve the industry not through her item numbers but through her great performances. She wanted to inspire people, give them courage and hope to do better rather than being just a symbol of sex and entertainment that cannot bring any good change in them.

Ganga knows that is already a star but she is still a humble girl and this feature that makes her prominent in the industry. She is respected by all the film fraternity.

Name: Ganga

City: Delhi

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