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Grace was the new head girl in the school and so was Subhan, who was considered as the most dashing boy and the heart throb of all the girls in the school. Grace liked Subhan but never expressed her love to him though Subhan has always looked at her with longing eyes. He loved her but was so proud of his good looks that he wanted Grace to come over to him someday to express his feelings of love towards him. Subhan was from a wealthy background, whereas Grace girl belonged to a simple background and share her whatsapp staus for online chat. Grace’s father as well as her mother were both doctors and they were highly educated. They wanted their daughter to acquire education the way they had. They loved her dearly but they didn’t want Grace to indulge in such a futile thing as love and therefore, Grace was sure that if she will ever tell her parents about her love for Subhan, they will never approve of it.

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On the last day of school, Subhan walked to Grace and asked her that if she would like to go with him tonight in the club. Grace was hesitant in the beginning but after looking into his eyes that expressed his feelings for her, she said yes to him. At night, when her father and mother had gone to Uncle Alam’s party, Grace also went to the club, she knew that they will be back late at night so, she decided to be home by 10:00.

As she arrived at the club, she saw that Subhan was already dancing with beer in one of his hands. She carefully went near him and told him that she will go back after an hour. Subhan didn’t want to waste these moments and wanted to make the most of this time, he drew her towards him and kissed her gently on the cheeks and then he started kissing her on the neck and then her neckline, Grace tried to stop him but he wanted to love her and so, he didn’t halt any of his actions and this meeting of theirs became endless when they were both locked up in each other’s arms ready to be loved by each other that night.

Name: Grace

City: Melbourne Australia

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