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Kiara is a gem of a person who was born in the second largest industrial town of north India following Delhi. She was the second daughter among five off springs of the family. Kiara had one elder sister and three younger brothers. She was born to a middle class family where both mother and father had to work in order to meet the expenses of the family. It was quite hard for the parents to provide for the educational needs of their five children. Kiara’s father was a government servant and her mother was a teacher. Kiara’s sister was not at all interested in education and so her parents made her learn the art of sewing and cooking after she had completed her twelfth class. Kanpur Indian girls looking a handsome partner via different online websites like whatsapp girls, imo, Facebook, Instagram and other.

Indian Kanpur Girls Whatsapp Mobile Number Chat Online

Now it was Kiara’s turn to get as much education as she dreamt was Kiara’s dream to become a doctor and help mankind so right from the very beginning of her student life she took education very seriously and never missed school. When she passed her matriculation exams she was awarded with a 100% attendance award. After matriculation Kiara got admission in Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College, and the easy admission was a result of her exceptional results. Her marks in her 12th grade were enough to get her a scholarship that was very much needed as her family did not have enough money to help her continue her medical studies.

If you look at kiara she was a beautiful Indian girl with wheatish complexion and smart physic. She was not very fond of branded clothing and latest gadgets, all she was interested in was her studies and her wish to support her family and give her parents a financially stress free life. She did not only study but helped her mother a lot in her household chores. Kiara also helped her brothers in studies as well as extracurricular activities.

Time flew and the day came when Kiara acquired her MBBS degree and was a registered doctor who belonged to a middle class background. Her exceptional results took her to USA where she became a cardiologist and all was sponsored by the government. Now she has come back to India and is working with a renowned hospital.

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