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Madho Rani was an old fashioned girl and had always been simple in her life until today. She was married to Sidharth who lived with him for one year and then they separated because he never liked Madho dressed up in simple clothes with her plaited hair. Real call girls from India are founded in different local areas but her we are share the hot and real Indian randi aunties whatsapp number for chat and also do all thing you want. Madho liked Sidharth as a husband as he was never rude and always treated her well and this was the reason why she could never predict that Sidharth could ever reject her just because she has a simple nature or liked dressing up simply.

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Sidharth was her friend and he married her because he liked her and now he was leaving her and announcing her that they are going to live separately because she is simple and not up to the mark and doesn’t deserve him because he has a great personality and not boring like hers ; seemed quite weird to her. Madho decided that she is going to change for him and told him that they can live separately but he needs to give her one month and if he wants a divorce, he can decide about that after a month. She joined the aerobics classes on the very next day after leaving her boyfriend. Madho made her figure fit within twenty days, now she wanted to have a makeover.

She took an appointment and left for the parlor on the twenty first day. She got her hair-do and all get her a skin facial. After going through all the changing processes and even getting her hair coloured, she came up with an entirely different look. She was looking stunning in the royal blue sari and it was then that she made up her mind that she is going to meet him today to know what his final decision about divorce now is.

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When she reached there, Sidharth was already having coffee as she took an hour to get ready and wear the same dress she left the house in. She was looking so different and pretty today that her lover could have never imagined. Madho was back in his life and this was what he knew he has to decide.

Name: Madho Rani

City: New Delhi


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