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Aadhya from Delhi Cute Girls Whatsapp Mobile Number

Aadhya is a college, still struggling in her life. She wanted to be a doctor but was refused as her father was not in the condition to pay the dues. Though a brilliant student, she was disturbed by the thought that she has been deprived all the important things of life, even her career. She sadly joined a local college in Dehli and started going there. But her mind was still in the restless state.

Delhi Girls Whatsapp Mobile Number for Friendship

Aadhya was from a poor family. Initially they were no like this. Her father owned a land but it started selling it soon after his business went down. He tried to invest to make things go in a right way but, nothing happened and with the selling of the last piece of land, they got poor and want to make relationship with Indian girls and boys.

Aadhya also takes tuitions in the evening to support her family as her father passed away last June. Things have become worse for her and her family, from then onwards, she has started thinking to do something that can take them out of these problematic conditions. For that, she has started studying better and secured a position too. She has also started working as a part-time writer in the evening.

Her mother, on the other hand, wants her to get married, she thinks that  Aadhya has gone out of her mind and she must focus on her studies and she must be aware of the fact that she will get married soon. In their family, girls at the age of 18. Aadhaya is seventeen and this means that she will soon be of 18. But she has some other plans in her mind and therefore she won’t get married how hard her mother will try. She knows that she will not give up hope and will help her family in the best possible way.

Name: Aadhya

City: She belonged a big city of India and have personal mobile number, also her number on whatsapp girls group of Indian region.

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