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Anaya from Chandigarh Perfect Girl Whatsapp Number List

Anaya a pretty outspoken Punjabi girl is from the beautiful land of Chandigarh surrounded by green fields. Anaya loved to ride in the kinetic scotty with her best friend Chaya. Both were crazy about partying in night clubs, eating in famous restaurants, going to movies on the weekend and riding their bikes on the highway. Anaya was a naughty kid of her parents; her mother had a special difficulty in raising her up as she always used to fight with the girls on the road, in the school and in her neighborhood. Amazingly Indian girls, she was never hurt during these fights, gradually she became naughtier. She used to play tricks on the servants and even her parents.

Chandigarh Girls Whatsapp Number for Frindship

Despite all these issues, she was really good in studies and came in second or third in her class. With the passage of time, she turned into a pretty girl who was generous and sweet. She often used to go to Sukhna Lake to have a chit chat with her best friend. It lightened her mood. Tehel Singh Dhaba is the best place for her as she loves dining there. She is a traditional girl who values her culture a lot.

After her mom’s death in a car accident, it seems that she is not the same girl as she was used to be. She has started living alone but has become serious. Nobody can believe that she has become totally different. Anaya is running her mother’s business now after completing her university study. She is running a matrimonial hall. She however, wants to get married to a decent and an honest person who can support her properly, emotionally and financially. Anaya is living with her mother’s cousin, who us college professor. She is like a second mother to her. Sometimes Anaya sit in the beautiful gardens of Chandigarh and think about her mother. Her father died before her birth. Her mother was all she had.

Anaya also goes to church every Sunday, as she loves the mediating atmosphere there. She sits under an old oak tree there and talk to the priest who tries to console her. She share her personal whatsapp number for chat and make new friends.

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Name: Ananya

City: Chandigarh India

Email Address: ananyachandigarh44@gmail.com

Whatsapp Number: 

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