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Areesha from Balgaria Girls Whatsapp Mobile Number Chat

Areesha and Bobby were classmates and they have never been more than that until they started working in an office after the college was over. They have both been intelligent and were thought to be each other’s rivals when it came to studies. Working in an office, somehow, became a pleasant experience for them and they started coming to office filled with more and more excitement every day. They started loving to stare each other in trying to communicate their feelings for each other that have started to develop more poignantly. Areesha had always wanted to marry someone in real girls numbers who could understand her sincerity with her profession and she had assumed Bobby to be one of those.

Balgarian Girls Whatsapp Mobile Number Chat

They married each other after a courtship of five years. Areesha was the one to propose him after learning from a few colleagues about his true emotional feelings towards her. She had never thought that even after a courtship of five whole years, there marriage could have been a disaster only in the time span of only five months.

Bobby after marriage was not the same person for her. He has totally changed and wanted Areesha not to carry on with her job any longer. He wanted her to be a mother and sit in the house whole day waiting for him and finally serving him with delicious dishes at night. Areesha couldn’t believe that how mean could Bobby be. She wanted to end up her wedding and therefore went to her parents’ home after waiting for 5 months for bobby to change. She talked to him, convinced him but it was all futile. She started working in another organization and started settling herself in her new life without realizing that she was expecting. After two months when it became obvious to her, she tried all possible ways to abort the baby but couldn’t and reluctantly went back to Bobby.

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Unfortunately, she had to start off with her previous life that she had despised and had to get along with the ways Bobby has always planned for her. Nothing could be done to make her life better for her.

Name: Areesha

City: Sofia Balgaria

Star Sign: Aries

Whatsapp Number: 

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