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Amanda Beautiful Denmark Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

Amanda, John and Lizz were really close friends and always been in a group in college. They were hardworking and had also worked together even in their biology thesis. Their parents have also been friends and knew each other well. Lizz was always fond of Amanda’s beauty where as John liked the way Lizz looked and had always appreciated her simplicity and talking chat in whatsapp personal and also in whatsapp groups. Amanda was madly in love with John and so was Lizz, but they have never expressed it to John as they didn’t know whom John has liked. Amanda was always sure that John was hers as she was more beautiful than Amanda and knew about the new fashion and trends. They believed that carrying yourself in a good way is also an art which is not known by many and Lizz was certainly not aware of her.

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Lizz was a simple girl and was from a much simpler background as compared to Amanda. She has made up her mind that she will never try to win over John if they would ever come to know that she was not her choice. Amanda , expressed her love for John to Lizz one day and asked her to talk to John about her. Lizz cried a lot that day but she never wanted to get in the way of her dear friend and therefore, she decided to talk to John about her. Here Real whatsapp girls mobile number for friendship and chat online.

John was sitting on the balcony of her house, when she came to him holding a mug of coffee for both of them. She started off with telling him that how much good time have they spent with each other and Amanda and since now they are grown up, they need to understand each other’s feelings. She told him that Amanda came to her last night and told her that she want to get married to John. John was stunned as he has never imagined that Amanda has ever liked her that way. He gave a long look at Lizz asking her does she want the same for them.  Lizz nodded reluctantly posing that she is alright with what happens. John held her hand for the first time ever and brought her closer to him , locking her lips with his gentle kiss, telling her his decision.

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Name: Amanda

City: Denmark

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