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Bradford is a famous city of Great Britain situated in the English county of West Yorkshire. Faye is a girl who was born in the city of Bradford in a well to do family. She was the only child of her parents and was always pampered by all. She was enrolled with the best school of the city by her parents. They had even hired a nanny when she was a kid, who trained her to be a well behaved and well groomed young lady.

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Faye grew up as the pride of her family because she was not only stunningly beautiful but a very polite and charismatic person. Faye had such beautiful green eyes that everybody admired, there was only one thing about which her parents were always worried about and it was her disinterest in the studies. Her parents wanted her to study business and join her father’s business but she was least interested in any type of studies. All she was interested in was the latest fashion and leisure.

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She was leading her life in a non-serious manner as she was not doing anything constructive, when one day she received a phone call from an unknown number, she was about the slam the phone when the person on the other end of the line introduced herself as the HR representative of a leading international brand of cosmetics. She was not aware that her beautiful eyes were seen at a party by one of the directors of that big brand and they wanted to book her for their advertising campaign for their wide range of eye makeup products. Due to her ever increasing interest in the fashion industry she was very keen to work in the ad and that’s exactly what she did.

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Bradford girls latest group links are here. A admin will submit Bradford real whastapp girls group links. After her appearance in her first cosmetic add there was no looking back for Faye and she was even hired as the brand ambassador of more than one brands.

Name: Faye

City: Bradford England

Whstapp Number: +442043849054

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