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Delhi Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers 2018: Anupama is the name of talented young lady who was born to a well off couple of South Punjab India. She was a very pretty faced person on whatsapp dp with some extraordinary traits in her personality that attracted everybody’s attention towards her on whatsapp mobile number. She was as good in her studies as in any other task that she was given the responsibility of.

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Delhi Girls WhatsappName: Rekha

City: Delhi

Whatsapp Number: +919363841745

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She never boasted about the richness of her family. She was a practical minded down to earth person who wanted to lead a life of an ordinary human being and not a VIP. Anupama’s father was a well-known film maker of South India. But unlike other kids of film maker Anupama was least interested in film making. Her father permitted her to go abroad just to study film making but the young lady was interested in accounting and business management.

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Find some owesome Delhi real girls whatsapp mobile numbers in this website. She acted quite smartly and joined a girls university in which she could study both courses simultaneously. Anupama always preferred Indian attire as she felt most comfortable in it. She made just a few friends on whatsapp online as she wanted to concentrate on her studies more than anything. She spent most of her time in studies and in due course passed her exams and returned home.

Delhi Girls WhatsappName: Ruby

City: Mumbai

Whatsapp Number: +919384837482

When Anupama returned home her father wanted her to go to Mumbai and join a famous Hindi film maker as an assistant, but she had some other plans so she reached Mumbai met the film maker and looking at her qualifications the filmmaker offered her the job of a business and marketing manager at a handsome amount as salary.

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Meet desi girls in India for mobile dosti online. Admin sharing the perfect Delhi girls whatsapp mobile numbers. With just a few months of hard work there was a remarkable change in the film company’s profits.

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