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Javeria from Islamabad Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

Javeria is a bold girl and she is doing MA in philosophy from a renowned university of Islamabad. She belongs to a noble family and her family is a very rich family. But she is humble and nice and dedicated girl. She want to be philosopher and her logic that this is logic which controls the world in a systematic way. She believed that in the near past women considered inferior to men. They were debarred from taking part in social life their sphere of activities was limited to domestic work. Butt this is philosophy which has changed the concept of the world this is due to logic. She says that there is practically no field where women are not competing with men and this is due to logic only. Here personal whatsapp mobile number for dating in this city and also share her contact number in social media for a lovely relationship.

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In professions outdoor life and law they claim equality with men. Industry in the learned professions, in politics, administration, scientific research literary and artistic activities, Eve is, making herself felt everywhere. She has become the girls of the town and is playing a dynamic role in the up gradation of the philosophical activates of the town in a realistic way. She has one sibling and her brother supports her in a very good way and always behind her sister for supporting her in every walk of life. Her parents are also very supportive and want to see her philosopher of the country.

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She is leading student of the institution and always the voice of the fellows. She believed that it is clear that women will not return to their homes. The modern woman argues that she can be a good mother at the same time a good philosopher. To sum up, she claimed that choice of a profession has become a very difficult matter for young women in Pakistan. The choice is very hard and much limited and young women attach imaginary dignity to certain profession. In Pakistan great care is needed to train young women from the very beginning for the professions they are fit for. Above all she is very nice girl with a vast logic mind.

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Name: Javeria

City: Islamabad Pakistan

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