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Maida from Sialkot Pakistan Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

Hey, I am Maida, here with beautiful face and with good habit. I am a young woman trying to understand people that don’t believe himself, just depends on others people, such people are lazy seriously. I am a Desi girl and with cute figures and wants to make friends on face book. I am trying peoples to educate so that they can stand on their behalf and play a major role in achieving amazing goals that will help them in future life. People want to ask mostly a question again and again like what my cell number is and what my figure number is. I have very strong skills in ms office like word, excel, power point, access and web development, I can make with the help of these skills different assignments, different presentations and each and every thing that a complete ms office can do as well as web pages.

Sialkot Pakistani Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

I have very strong English writing skills so that people would get help from me and this skill can be helpful in making their life’s full of excitement, with the help of writing and web they can design different types of assignment, writing articles etc. My first habit is to wake up late in the morning; wash my face with a lovely cream and so that I look beautiful to the peoples, it is my daily routine even one day I cannot leave this habit. Then I am offer pray regularly and pray from Allah. I use different make up for good looking like mascara, and colorful lipstick so that people look me and pay attention to me. It is my good habit to meet people by smiling face and with open mind and in hot environment, when I will create a good communication with the people then people will pull towards me and so there will be a good relationship will build in between people and me.

Pakistani Girls Whatsapp Numbers

I always make good friends not to break them and always help my friends in each and every difficult task and this is the reason my friends are very expensive for me. My profile describes fully my skills I have very strong skills and use them to learn people.

Name: Maida

City: Sialkot Pakistan

Coutry: Pakistan

Whatsapp Number:

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