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Noreen from Gujranwala Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

Everyone knows me because I am a complete full cute fashion designer, as I just show hot and fancy clothes on fashion walk. I want to see myself as a model, so I want to be a handsome and young fashion designer. My friends are my power and, I use face book or often mobile. My friends say me a word like a Desi girl that I like very much to look hot, I want to say my friends call me a Desi girl or cute girl because I am so. My parents look me in future as a model girl or a hot model, I am confident so I will fulfill this wish of my parents. I always promote modern thoughts and newly fashion, I do not believe on others, I just do myself and always do the right.

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I never take a support of any person even I did not took a support of my friends, I just do myself and my parents best wishes are with me and they are a great supporter for me. I feel them wrong who take a support with others, and it is very wrong act as taking a support, ok take the support but from God. I am a young, beautiful, and cute with a hot figure and my all friends make a lot of calls me on my mobile phones. I am a Desi girl and Pakistani hot girl so I will make always young boy friends, as young boys can give me an enjoyment but not can old age. Gujranwala is the city of bodybuilders and I like them.

I love my young boy friends and they all come on my home and watch the movies all the day, but I prefer to hear songs. I am a great cook and Chinese fast food is my favorite’s dish, anyway I can cook each type of dish easily and efficiently. But I request them to give me a hot company so that we could enjoy for a huge moment and make her day awesome. I always hear a fast music in loud volume because I am romantic and young girl.

Name: Noreen Butt

City: Gujranwala

Mobile Number:

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