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Areesha from Balgaria Girls Whatsapp Mobile Number Chat

Areesha and Bobby were classmates and they have never been more than that until they started working in an office after the college was over. They have both been intelligent and were thought to be each other’s rivals when it came to studies. Working in an office, somehow, became a pleasant experience for them and […]

Nuray from Azerbaijan Real Girl Whatsapp Number Friendship

Azerbaijan Real Girl Whatsapp Number Friendship: Nuray had a boyfriend Richard, she loved him a lot though they were completely from different backgrounds. Nuray cute girl wanted to ask Richard that what he has seen in her that has made him like her more than anything else and see her whatsapp numbers in this post. […]

Grace from Australia Girl Whatsapp Number for Chat Online

Australia Girl Whatsapp Number for Chat Online: Grace was the new head girl in the school and so was Subhan, who was considered as the most dashing boy and the heart throb of all the girls in the school. Grace liked Subhan but never expressed her love to him though Subhan has always looked at […]

Sophia from American Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number Online

The United States of American consists of tens of cities that are famous all around the world for hundreds of reasons. American is land of welcoming, heartwarming, hospitable people who happily welcome any visitors. It is a land that attracts people because of the landscape, its culture, traditions, celebrations, occasions, delicious cuisine, magnificent architecture and […]

Indian Mumbai Girl Shruti Real Whastapp Number for Chat

In a happy family of Chennai was born a very cute angel named Shruti’s she was the first child of her parents she was much pampered by them and in very short time became the apple of an eye for the whole family. They lived in a joint family system where everyone was closely knit. […]

Madho Indian Randi Aunties Whatsapp Mobile Number Online

Indian Randi Aunties Whatsapp Mobile Number Online: Madho Rani was an old fashioned girl and had always been simple in her life until today. She was married to Sidharth who lived with him for one year and then they separated because he never liked Madho dressed up in simple clothes with her plaited hair. Real […]

Ganga from Indian University Girl Real Whatsapp Mobile Number

Indian University Girl Real Whatsapp Mobile Number: Ganga was a star child in the Hindi picture; she still remembers when her uncle used to take her to the studio with her. She could play here with the other child stars. The actors used to adore this cute girl a lot. She used to see many […]

Suman Mumbai Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number for Personal Chat

Suman was an ugly looking girl with a freckled skin and there was no one in her class who liked her. Nadir was the only one who liked her because he could feel that she was sweet and had delicacy in her actions. She was humble and liked serving others in the best way she […]

Rekha from Guwahati Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

Rekha was a decent girl and she always used to dress up very simply and had no attraction for jewelry. She had always been an obedient girl but who knew that her life would have such a bad turning point. She was proposed by a handsome guy one day and Rekha thought that it is […]

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