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Humera is a native of Lahore. She is beautiful and smart as well as handworker and intelligent. She is very humble and down to earth and always ready to help the poor. She is daughter of a farmer. She wants to be doctor and always very obedient and want to go ahead in life like her father. Humera is representative of Lahore in a realistic way. She represent the Lahore culture in a very good way. She is very just seventeen years old and belong to middle class family. Her dress sense is very classic. She does a part time job in order to support her family. Here the most beautiful Pakistani girls mbile numbers list of whatsapp and other phone sim networks.

Desi Girls Whatsapp Numbers Friendship Dating

Notwithstanding she is very obedient of teachers and she adopted teaching as a noble cause not as a part time profession and she believes that teaching is noble profession. She is the only daughter of her parents and her father also wants to see her as a doctor. She is epitome of honesty hard work and dedication. She claims that this is dedication which makes the person perfect and successful. She have jazz mobile number because this call rate is very low in now a days.

Humera is a mixture of two cultures. Her father is farmer and belongs to a village while her mother is a citizen of a city. She enjoys two cultures in a good way. Above all, she believed that she is Pakistani and can sacrifice her life for Pakistan. She is very generous and pious also and offers five times pray regularly and she always thinks that this religion which shows the path of righteousness. Her father is a source of inspiration for her. She takes complete guide line from her father in every walk of life. And her father guides him in a very good way.

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To sum up, she is hard worker intelligent and dedicated girl she always believe in honesty and loyalty. She thinks with Longfellow who claims that we are not here to play to dream and to drift. This is her believe and she is following this believe in every walk of life. She is pretty young butt with philosophical thoughts and pious logic which drives her towards a right direction.

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