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Rekha from Guwahati Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

Rekha was a decent girl and she always used to dress up very simply and had no attraction for jewelry. She had always been an obedient girl but who knew that her life would have such a bad turning point. She was proposed by a handsome guy one day and Rekha thought that it is due to her simplicity that Atul has started loving her though it has been only been a year that they have met each other.

Indian Guwahati Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

Atul was three years younger than her and they came to know each other when Atul by chance sat beside her on her sister’s wedding day. Rekha was not interested in Atul at first as she thought of him as a young boy. Atul on the other hand, had fallen in love with this simple Indian girls. He immediately proposed her after a week of the marriage of his sister. He somehow liked her innocence rather than anything else. Rekha didn’t know how to behave initially. She could not believe a person who is younger than her could be so bold in his actions. She didn’t know how to behave over this, she refused in the beginning but the boy was stubborn and kept convincing her until there was a “yes” from her side.

It was not love but Rekha felt she was pressurized in such a manner that she couldn’t refuse. Atul came with his parents and asked for Rekha. He wanted to marry her and convinced his parents that though he is young but he will take good care of her, the only thing he wants is there blessings and nothing else. Rekha was shy and her cheeks turned red when her parents accepted the proposal.

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Atul took Rekha to Dubai after the marriage. They did not go well with each other at first, but after a year they started understanding each other. Later, they also had a baby which helped them to get closer to each other. It was a wonderful experience. She was happy to be his wife now and this was just the beginning of her new life.

Name: Rekha

City: Guwahati

Whatsapp Number:

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