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Suman Mumbai Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number for Personal Chat

Suman was an ugly looking girl with a freckled skin and there was no one in her class who liked her. Nadir was the only one who liked her because he could feel that she was sweet and had delicacy in her actions. She was humble and liked serving others in the best way she could. She knew that she to be sweet in her manners and this is what she has learned from her parents as well. Her father was a lawyer and her mother was a professor in the Indian girls university and also share her whatsapp girls mobile numbers for friendship. She and Nadir often used to sit together in the ground and talk about their work and assignments. Nadir was very fond of her and liked listening to everything she wanted to say.

Indian Mumbai Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number for Chat

Suman was an intelligent student as well as an obedient one. Her teachers liked her and appreciated her for her good work. She loved eating sour thongs like pani puri, dosa etc. Nadir and Suman used to often go out to eat pani puri and talk about their studies on mobile number and also on whatsapp, results and about their future. Nadir wanted to leave the university  of Indian girls after the final year whereas, Suman wanted to do Ph.D from here too. Nadir was also in Telligent and wanted to leave for America after finishing his studies. He wanted to be brother over there. He wanted to run his company and his brother wanted him to do the same.

Suman wanted to be a professor like her mom. Her mom was a dedicating teacher and all her students respected her, she wanted the same attitude from her students too. Nadir proposed Suman last Sunday and now both will leave the University to go to America after getting married. Suman will carry on with her studies to make herself successful and Nadir will run the company. After 2 to 3 years, they might plan to have many kids but now was the time to have their life.

Suman has also started a new treatment regarding her skin to make herself look prettier than ever before. Both of them are contented and hopeful about their future.

Name: Suman

City: Mumbai

Whatsapp Number: 

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